No Way to Prepare…

Dad’s birthday 9/20/12

I wanted to start this journal (aka blog) to help me decompress. I always used to write but stopped many years ago for various reasons. My mom passed away suddenly almost 3 years ago (aka ripped from our world without warning) and, combined with every other hunk of drama life has hurled at me, I don’t think my cup can hold anymore liquid crap without spilling over.

When my dad received the diagnosis/prognosis yesterday (10/2/12) that we all were dreading but were also anticipating, and when it was decided I would head back to South Dakota to be with him when he passes away, I knew I needed some sort of high-tech journal to get me through this. I will do my best while keeping in mind the one letter key which happens to be the last letter in the alphabet does not work on my laptop, thanks to my coffee and clumsiness last week.

Here goes…


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